Summer Share 2012 – Week 5

Week 5 Summer CSA Package
Chicken or Pork, Peaches, Beets, and Onions
July 2, 2012

This week we have a very special bag. Our second batch of chickens are arriving and they look great. We also have a good selection of pork roasts from our pasture raised, Berkshire hogs.

For those of you who missed our Chicken 101 Workshops with Parker Bosley, you may want to check out this blog link. At the bottom are numerous recipes in the PDF titled “Chicken Class Ohio City.” While we can’t teach you via text how to debone the thigh of a chicken, we can share with you some tasty recipes and allow you to challenge yourself!

Later this week, look for numerous recipes featuring beets. If you search our website, you’ll find lots of them already, including those from last year’s Beet Lab at the Grovewood Tavern. A few of last year’s beet recipes called for yogurt, so if you are running out of what you got last week, be sure to pick up more at the back of the truck. $5 per quart.

A perfect compliment to chicken or pork
Last summer, about exactly a year ago, I was at a fundraiser at one of our fellow customer’s house. His family was hosting a BBQ to raise money for the Susan B Komen 3 Day Walk (if anyone is interested in donating to his campaign, please click here.) At the BBQ, there was a very tasty BBQ sauce. I asked what brand it was. He said it was homemade.

We talked about the ingredients and what could be sourced locally. Almost all of it could be, so we worked backwards to create a made from scratch, no corn syrup, no food coloring, tomato-based BBQ sauce. The final product, just a few months later, was, and still is, amazing. It is one of our best selling back-of-the-truck items known as Popes BBQ Sauce.

This BBQ sauce has a hint of smoke and a hint of crushed red pepper spice that shines through the Ohio grown tomatoes. The acid is well balanced and the consistency thick and rich. This product will pair perfectly with some smoked pork shoulder, shredded pork, shredded chicken, grilled chicken, etc The price is $7 per 16 oz jar at the back of the truck. No need to RSVP one as we have enough for all.

And for our non-meat eaters
Finally back in stock are the Luna Burgers. We’ll feature them this week in the vegetarian substitutes and will also have extras available for sale. The Luna Burger is made from Ohio grown and organic spelt berries, black beans, beets, and kale. They are 100% vegan approved and are quite hearty servings (2- 4oz patties per package). They come in several flavors including their classic, firehouse chili, peanut cilantro, garden thyme, and BBQ.

Fitting a few things in…
This week’s package should be quite hefty with the large cut of meat, beets, and onions in it. We had hoped to have red cabbage ready by now, and therefore a lot of this week’s newsletter will feature red cabbage recipes. I just got a call from one of my communicators down in Amish country that my grower isn’t ready this week with the red cabbage and it will have to wait for next week.

This week we’ll be increasing the amount of tomatoes in your bag and providing you an extra bulb onion – which was slated for next week’s bag – and distribute the cabbage over the next 2 weeks.

Summer Week 5:

Small CSA Share
1 whole chicken or pork roast
1 bunch beets
2 bulb onions
1 bunch carrots or 1 head kohlrabi
Approx 2# tomatoes
1 baby bok choy
2 lbs peaches

Large CSA Share Small contents above plus:
1 bunch spinach
1 lb garlic scape and black pepper linguini
2 lbs apricots
2 ct cucumbers
2 ct zucchini

Vegetarian Share
Small contents minus chicken, add:
Large package contents plus
1 package veggie burgers

Vegan Share
Small contents minus chicken/pork and linguini (egg pasta),
Add Vegetarian items
1 head brocolli
1/2 lb red russian kale
1 bunch swiss chard

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