Summer Share 2014 – Week 2

So, there have been some updates since yesterday.  First off, we got more mixed greens than expected, but less lettuce than we wanted.  Thus, you will see mixed greens in all the bags and lettuce only in the larges.

We are also on a mission to get a quart of strawberries in everyone’s share.  Unfortunately, we are having trouble securing enough.  We will be putting them in all the small shares.  If we get rain, we may not be able to get any on some days, and those of you who pick up on a day that we don’t have them, will get them next week (fingers crossed).  Therefore, we added some pasta to the larges.

So here are the contents of this week’s bag:

Small Onmivore



Small Vegetarian

week2 veg



same as vegetarian with an addition of bunching onions.

Large Omnivore



Large Vegetarian

Double strawberries and zucchini

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