cleveland heights thanksgiving

Tuesday, nov 22

3:00 - 7:00 PM

Fairmount Presbyterian Church

(parking lot across the street at Scarborough/Fairmount)

2757 Fairmount Blvd

Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

This stop can be tricky at first because of one of those crazy Eastside intersections and we're not actually at the church. We're in the parking lot that's across the street on the West side of the intersection of Coventry/Scarborough/Fairmount. The easiest way in is to turn from either Coventry or Fairmount onto Scarborough (if you're headed North, turn left, if headed South, turn right) and you should see the truck up against the trees on the North side of the lot. Please enter the parking lot slowly and watch for other customers, children, and other cars.

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