A Valentine’s Coffee Cupping: Event with Rising Star and Mitchell’s Ice Cream



A Valentine’s Coffee Cupping:  Artisan Coffee and Homemade Ice Creams

Why settle for waxy, flavorless chocolate hearts and kisses for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day when you can impress him/her with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee paired with an icy chocolate confection?  Join us for a very special collaboration between Fresh Fork Market, Rising Star Coffee, and Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream to learn how to do this!

At this event you can expect to drink fine coffee, taste delicious and limited production Valentine’s flavors of ice cream, learn and have fun all at once!   Expect to sample four coffee varieites and four ice cream flavors in this evening’s tasting flight (full agenda below).  

The fee for this event is $15 per person and space is extremely limited.  Please RSVP immediately.  The event is from 5:30 PM until approximately 7:30 PM on Monday, Feb 11th at Rising Star Coffee. See address on left column of this page.  

More about the event:  Fresh Fork Market is proud to collaborate with Rising Star Coffee and Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream, tow amazing companies and true pioneers in artisan foods.   Rising Star Coffee, a newbie on the coffee roasting scene, specializes in sourcing their beans directly from specialty coffee farms from around the world – often farms they have visited!  By sourcing the finest beans and roasting in small, closely monitored batches, they are able to produce the highest quality coffee bean on the market.  The event is being hosted at their new “cupping bar,” which is similar to a coffee shop with the exception that each cup of coffee, including “drip coffee,” is brewed to order.  Their menu changes daily.  

Mitchell’s Ice Cream, for anyone who isn’t already familiar with the amazing sweet confections they create, is a locally owned and operated ice cream manufacturer.  Their products incorporate local milk, local eggs, local fruit, local sweeteners, and much more, and their product can be found at local retailers as well as in their company-owned ice cream parlors. The rapid development of their business and commitment to local has been a boost to the local farm economy.  Mitchell’s will proudly be serving four (4) exclusive Valentine’s flavors for this event – swiss white chocolate, dark chocolate raspberry truffle, strawberry chocolate chunk, and dark chocolate.

The agenda for the evening, for those who aren’t already clicking Register Now, is as follows:

– Rising Star Coffee will discuss the “logistics” of artisan coffee; how it is grown, what makes a specialty grade bean, how the farmers are compensated, and how the beans are sourced.  They will then demonstrate roasting and how variations in that process impact the final flavor of the coffee.  Finally, a brewing demonstration will be followed by a cupping of a “coffee flight” to be paired with each flavor of ice cream.

– Mitchell’s Ice Cream will also discuss the “logistics” of ice creams, particularly the cacao bean and how ice cream is made.  They will then talk about their business and how coffee and ice cream can be paired.

Fresh Fork Market will moderate the event and tie it all back together – how all three of our businesses are fully integrated in the local agricultural community and invested in connecting our consumers with that agricultural community.   While we at Fresh Fork Market do not sell ice cream and only offer a limited selection of coffee, we feel that it is a fun and informative event that our customers and the community alike will appreciate.

About Fresh Fork Market:  We are a weekly subscription service to local foods.  Our Farm Buying Club, similar to a CSA, is a weekly grab bag of organic and sustainably produced fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and more, all from family farms within a 75 mile radius of Cleveland. Each week in the summer and every other week in the winter, our customers pickup their groceries from the back of a refrigerated box truck at numerous community pickup locations.  Packages start at just $25 per week and the summer season starts June 5.  Learn more at freshforkmarket.com


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Cleveland, OH 44113

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