Summer Share 2013 – Week 20

Ground Beef, Potatoes, Eggs, Broccoli, and More

Looks like we might start to cool down after this week. This recent warm weather has really pushed the broccoli and cauliflower fast.  We’ve actually lost quite a bit of it that has gone to seed to quickly.  Other broccoli and cauliflower is rapidly being frozen for our winter program.


This week we have been busy trying to get our ducks in a row for Thanksgiving.  Chef Parker is busy working on the upcoming Thanksgiving Beer Dinner (details to come later), Robert on the recipe guide, and myself making sure the products are coming along OK.  It looks like everything is falling in place OK.  Oh, and for more info about our Thanksgiving packages, please click here.

Well, I must have writers block today.  I don’t have much else to tell you!  Enjoy!


Clark’s Crowd Funding Campaign


Many of you already know our friend Clark Pope who makes the BBQ Sauce, Roasted Heirloom Tomato Sauce, Bloody Mary Mix, and countless jams and seasonal items.  Anyhow, for those of you who know him well he quit his full-time job (school teacher) this fall to pursue a career in catering and artisan products.  Clark has kept extremely busy this summer, adding numerous markets and events to his schedule.


Clark is now at the point of trying to make some investments in his business.  Please check out his crowd funding page below.  He is trying to raise a small amount of capital to buy a bag sealer, purchase an inventory of jars, do nutrient analysis on his products, and, most importantly, have some working capital to hire help so he can focus some energy on developing new products and sales channels.


If you are interested in helping, please visit Clark’s Crowd Funding Campaign.


So here is this week’s entire list:


Summer Week 20:

Small Share

3 # red norland potatoes

1 head broccoli

1 onion

1 bunch beets with tops

1 head lettuce

1 butternut squash

1 head baby bok choy

1 dozen eggs

1 # grassfed ground beef



Large Share

Small package plus:

1 quart fingerling potatoes

2 ct red peppers

2 ct zucchini

1 # pumpkin sage linguine

1 bulb kohlrabi


Vegetarian Substitutions (in place of beef)

1 bunch red turnips

2 ct red peppers

2 ct eggplant

2 ct zucchini


Vegan Substitutions (in place of eggs)

Approx 1.5# heirloom tomatoes

1 bunch kales

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