Winter Share 2011/12 – Week 9

Whole chicken, frozen berries, cheese, apples, tofu, and yogurt

This week we have a few surprises. First, we are taking advantage of some frozen raspberries from the summer.  These tasty berries will go great in a smoothie featuring Velvet View whole milk yogurt or they can be used to make a tasty dessert using the spelt flour from two packages ago.

The center of this week’s package is a whole pasture raised chicken. This will likely be the last of the chickens until the spring harvest so savor this one while you can!  To pair with your chicken we have some fantastic yukon gold potatoes and mixed greens.

The wildcard ingredient this week is tofu, made right here in Cleveland at Cleveland Tofu.  This product even uses Ohio soybeans and is actually made by another tenant in the warehouse we sublease.  I was skeptical at first of tofu.  However, we’ve had several good meals featuring the tofu, including using it in smoothies, as a cheese substitute in lasagna, cooked like scrambled eggs, and also used in a stir fry.  We’ll feature several tofu recipes in this week’s newsletter.

Finally, we have very tasty apples this week. The goldrush apple is one of my favorites.  It is very tart and very sweet at the same time.  The apple has a good crunch and will certainly please you either as a baking or eating apple.

Here’s all of this week’s bag contents:


Winter CSA Wk 9:

1 whole pasture raised chicken

1 pint frozen raspberries

1 quart farmstead yogurt

1 8-oz piece gouda cheese

1 1lb bag of granola, either krispy treat or spelt granola (vegan)

3 lbs yukon gold potatoes

1 bag mixed salad greens

1 quarter peck gold rush apples

1 package tofu

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