What brand of pots and pans do you recommend?

When considering pots and pans as well as knives the best rule for me is purchase once.  Buy high quality products that your grand children will covet.  Of course this means investing dollars.

I think that All-Clad is a great brand.  Make a wish list from their catalog or online store.  Or go to a retailer to actually see the products.  Make a planned buying program for yourself.  Example:  every four or six months I am going to make a major purchase.  Start with a four quart sauce pan.  Add a  2 quart sauce pan.  Then, expand to some  specialty sizes, saute pans etc.

Cuisart is another good brand although the sides of the pans are not thick like the bottoms.  Sauces tend to burn at the edges.  These kinds of pans are a good second tier part of your kitchen equipment—for boiling, blanching and vegetable cooking.

As for non-stick saute pans, I would purchase these at a restaurant supply place or at Target.

I would suggest that you look around.  Sometime’s Macy’s will have sales for a set.  This is usually a good start.  Avoid specialty shops which usually price items a little higher.

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