Winter Share 2011/12 – Week 13

I hope everyone enjoyed their steak last week.  This week is pretty exciting to me, although the bag doesn’t really “jive” as well as I usually like them too.  I’ve had some odd ingredients in the pipeline and it’s time to use them!

This week’s center of the plate is a meat choice.  Each person can select one of the following combinations:
– Option 1:  whole chicken, approximately 5 lbs
– Option 2: Meatloaf pack, 1 lb each of ground veal, ground pork, and ground lamb
– Option 3:  2 packs bone-in beef shortribs and one grassfed beef round steak
– Option 4:  1 pack (4 patties, 1 lb) turkey burgers (new) and 1 pack (1.25 lbs) chicken bratwurst

In addition to the meat choice, everyone will get eggs and breakfast bacon patties and havarti cheese.

On the produce side, we have ramps again this week and we will include a recipe for ramp meatloaf.  We will also have apples and/or kale and/or mixed greens. The snail mail hasn’t been to good to me this week so I’m awaiting some letters from Amish guys.  We’ll fill it out nice though.

Lastly, the most expensive item of this weeks bag and hence why the bag doesn’t jive too well, maple syrup.  We have 1 pint of maple syrup from a new producer of mine in Nova OH. He has the most high tech, most consistent, best quality syrup I have ever tasted. It comes with a premium but I think it is worth it.

Thanks and we’ll see you in a few days.

Here’s all of this week’s bag contents:


Winter CSA Wk 13:

1 meat choice (see above)

1 lb breakfast patties

1 dozen eggs

1 piece (8 oz) havarti cheese

1 pint maple syrup

1 quarter peck apples (tbd, depends on which greens I get)

1 “green” item – yet to be determined

1/4 lb ramps

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