Winter Share 2011-2012 – Week 15

Frozen pizza dough balls, veggie burgers, ground chicken, oats, and more

This week wraps up our winter season.  I think we have a fairly exciting bag this week, but just a little on the light side.  We’ve been over budget 4 of the last 5 weeks so I need to make up a little space here.

The highlight to this week’s bag is ground chicken or ground turkey.  We’ll have some of each and plenty of recipes to go along with it.

In addition, we have pizza dough, italian sausage, smoked gouda, homemade pizza sauce, rolled oats, and more.

Here’s all of this week’s bag contents:


Winter CSA Wk 15:

1 8 oz package smoked gouda

2 frozen pizza dough balls

1 lb italian sausage

1 lb ground turkey or chicken

2 lbs rolled oats

1 pint pizza sauce

1 package veggie burgers (2 burgers)

1 bunch ramps

1 veg (haven’t received my snail mail responses yet…but will likely include kale, chard, spinach, lettuce, and other spring greens)


Summer CSA- Starts week of June 4

There are a few weeks off between the winter and the summer.  If you have signed up or think you have, you should have been receiving confirmation emails, payment emails, etc by now.  If you are not receiving any confirmation emails, please contact us and we’ll correct your account.  All winter customers are guaranteed in.


Summer CSA – Registration Still Open – Click Here to Register

It’s not too late to signup for the summer.  If you have any friends or coworkers interested in doing it, please send them the link above soon.  Some stops, particularly Beachwood and Westlake, are almost sold out.  Others, like Fairlawn, Middleburg Hts, Mentor, Hudson, and Solon still have plenty of room left.


To guarantee a spot, all should register by May 16th.

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