Winter Share 2012-13 – Week 13

Lots of exciting stuff this week.  I went a little out of control on the budget, but I’ll have to make that up some in the next couple bags (which are also quite exciting…although maybe a little smaller).

In addition, please see below about a few very noteworthy events around Cleveland.  These are not Fresh Fork Market events; however, we are contributing to both.

This week’s bag –

We have been waiting on the cattle to fatten out all winter, which is the hardest time to put a good finish on the cattle.  This year was exceptionally difficult from a business point of view.  Hay that is usually $150 per ton was tipping the scales north of $300.   Ouch!  That’s due to last year’s drought and the continuing drought in the Plains states, that does influence commodity prices here.

So this week we are proud to feature 100% grassfed beef roasts.  Each roast is approximately 3#.  Be sure to check our website and blog for good beef roast recipes.  Parker is working on typing up a few now and we’ll get those on the site soon.

Lately I have also been receiving a lot of requests for the delicious Cameo apples we had a few weeks back.  Well I talked to Rich Eshleman at the orchard and he is saving apples for us in controlled atmosphere (a chamber with very low oxygen that allows apples to be stored for months without any noticeable change in quality).  We will have apples each of the remaining bags, which will completely exhaust Rich’s supply.

We also have a new product this week, smoked turkey breast lunchmeat.  This is from the pasture raised turkeys we enjoyed last month.  The breasts were seasoned with salt and sugar and smoked at Newswanger Meats.  The breasts were then sliced down and packaged as lunchmeat. The product is excellent and we expect to have this regularly going forward.  I’m looking forward to enjoying mine on a sandwich of whole wheat bread, some sliced apples, and some slices of cheese, or maybe some roasted red peppers on it.

Finally, there is a secondary theme this week of meatloaf.  We have grassfed ground beef, pasture raised ground berkshire pork, and oats to help you out there.

Namaste Fundraiser – 30% off for Fresh Fork Market customers  

One of our favorite events each year is the Namaste Fundraiser hosted by IPM (International Partners in Mission).  This group has projects around the world, ranging from literacy programs for children, support services for female entrepreneurs in third world countries, and even a Cleveland based project called Esparanzo Threads, which helps immigrant women earn a livable wage producing clothing.

IPM usually donates to other causes that have the infrastructure on the ground to make a difference.

Of equal importance, however, is their ability to throw a good party.  IPM hosts an annual fundraiser called Namaste on FRIDAY, APRIL 26 at Ariel International Center on East 40th and Lakeside in Cleveland.  At this event, expect to sample world cuisine representing the various countries that have IPM projects.  Countries represented include Ethiopia, El Salvador, and many more. Food for this event is being donated by Fresh Fork Market.  Oh, and there is almost always awesome music.  Last year the band was a reggae band.

Because you are a Fresh Fork Market customer, IPM is offering 30% off of their event.  Please register at the link below.  Under the area titled Promotional Code, enter FreshFork.


Design Dinner – CLE FLEA – Superior St Clair area, Friday, April 12 at 7 PM  –  Dinner, Drinks, and Entertainment $50

Our friends over at the new Cleveland FLEA have invited us to participate in their first ever “Design Dinner.”  The idea is to engage with the creators of some of Cleveland’s finest handmade goods over a fine meal.  This week’s focus is on furniture from Alec Loos of Hans Noble Design.

Below you’ll find more information and registration.  I’ll be cooking for the event.  My menu is themed around a Spring Appalachian Feast, to reflect the rural characteristics of Alec’s handmade furniture.  We will feature a venison chili, cornbread, a mess of greens, applecake, pickled beets, hard boiled eggs, and salad and cheese tray.

The event is hosted in a partially rehabbed building in the Superior St Clair neighborhood of Cleveland. This is just one energetic project that will help revitalize this part of town. To Register:  To see the Facebook page:


Don’t forget to signup for Summer 2013.  The summer season registration has begun.   .  Please don’t hesitate – registration only takes seconds.  You can do this at this link:

Winter Week 13:

1 grassfed beef roast

1 quarter peck cameo apples

8 oz bag mixed salad greens

1.5 lb bag of oats

1 lb grassfed ground beef

1 lb pasture raised ground pork

1 lb smoked turkey breast

1 jar roasted red peppers

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