Fresh Fork Market is Farm Buying Club — we provide our members with a weekly subscription service to fresh and local foods. We run all year round, with a Summer and a Winter season, and our job is to connect you to Ohio’s bounty, including just-picked-this-morning produce, meat, eggs, dairy, breads, canned goods, pastries, granolas and more. Every week, our members meet one of our refrigerated trucks in their community and pick up their grocery grab-bag filled with local food. All of this comes from 100+ local, small family farms and producers within 75 miles of Cleveland.

Our mission is to promote buying local, support local family farms, and increase the health and vitality of our subscribers by bringing them fresh, locally sourced ingredients that are both nutrient dense and delicious.

Summer Season

Our summer share runs is 22 weeks, from June through October. Every week you can expect a thoughtfully assembled bag of fresh and local food, including produce, grains, dairy, and other locally produced artisan foods. You also get a detailed summary of the food and where it comes from, as well as custom recipe ideas and instructions for that week’s share.

Winter Season

Our winter share is 15 weeks, from November through May. Our winter share comes every other week, and includes dairy, meats, cheeses, grains, and produce flash frozen from the summer share, all which can be used for great winter dishes. Our winter share also comes with custom recipe ideas and instructions each week.

The Finest Local Ingredients


The contents of your bag vary from week to week, based on what items are available locally. Our farmers employ a range of production methods, but the common thread is simple — we want only the freshest ingredients. Over the course of the season, our subscribers will enjoy more than 300 different products. Click here to browse through our newsletters and see past bag examples. For a sample of what types of products come in each week’s bag, see the diagram below.

Example Bags

You choose which type of bag you’d like to sign up for: omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan. You can sign up for a small or large share. Here are some examples of what you would get in a typical summer bag:

Small Omnivore Example


Large Omnivore Example


Vegetarian Example


Vegan Example



It’s kind of hard to believe, but because we work so closely with our 100+ farmers, we’re able to provide each weekly share of food for about $27 per week. The larger shares are about $43 per week. As a farm buying club, we ask that members consider paying for their seasonal share upfront, to help ensure our farmers will have the resources they need for the season. However, we have monthly plans as well.

View all the details, plans, and pricing options here.

Beyond The Share

Beyond the shares, we strive to cultivate a community based around food and a connection to our area. We sponsor events like Farm Tours and Cooking Classes, to introduce our members to the rich farmland that surrounds our city, and to inspire healthy ways to prepare food at home. We send out a weekly newsletter filled with details about the growing season, our farmers and their lives, and recipes to try. We also throw great potlucks and parties– inviting everyone in our membership to get together with a pot of something to share, their kids and families, and to meet like-minded people who care about food and the people who grow it.