Let’s Talk Turkey

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It seems like just a few weeks ago we were planning the summer season, and now we are ready to finalize our turkey orders. We gave our current CSA subscribers first dibs on Thanksgiving packages. We had such a great response, that quantities are selling out fast!

If you don’t know about our turkeys, then let me give you the scoop:

  • Our turkeys are pasture raised by local farmers. Local farmers have raised these turkeys from chicks. They spend a generous portion of their days trotting around the farm in a poultry tractor. This is a contraption that allows them room to run around, but keeps them from leaving the farm.  This means they get to see the sunshine, roam around, get exercise, you know-turkey stuff.
  • Our turkeys are naturally fed.  While out in the tractor, these turkeys get to eat grass, bugs and scratch the earth.  This means they eat what they would naturally eat in the wild.  Their diet is supplemented by organic feed.  This ensures the highest quality natural bird that you can get.
  • Our birds are hormone and antibiotic free.  One of the best things about a naturally raised turkey is that it is less prone to disease.  Conventional birds are raised in such close quarters that they are often pumped full of antibiotics to keep them from getting the diseases that come from this kind of quarantine.  Furthermore, they are often given hormones to make them build up muscle mass and size for more weight.  The turkeys we offer are free range raised birds that have the time and feed they need to develop naturally.
  • Our turkeys are fresh.  When you buy a turkey in the store, it usually is flash frozen.  It is then held in storage for months or even years before you buy it for your holiday meal.  Our birds are harvested and delivered fresh.  No thaw time required.

As for the other items we offer for your Thankgiving meal, all are locally produced or locally farmed- like the pumpkin pies from Humble Pies, a crowd pleaser!  These are the kind of high quality ingredients that you have come to expect from Fresh Fork.


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