Saltibarsciai, or Lithuanian chilled beet soup, is a perfect summer day soup with a gorgeous shade of pink. Try serving this dish cold with some fresh boiled potatoes sprinkled with dill.
This recipe comes courtesy of Marisa DiCenso-Pelser, raw foods chef and fitness professional behind RawTrainer and co-owner of PURE Health + Fitness in Strongsville. It's done in minutes, and perfect as a first course or a light lunch on a hot Summer day.
If you are looking for something different and interesting to do with some of your ingredients this week, try this delicious summer borscht recipe. It is great on a hot day. I like to sub greek yogurt for the sour cream.
We loved that cauliflower alfredo so much the last time we made it, when we got another head of cauliflower it had to be made again. This recipe incorporates a bunch of fresh veggies and can be an appetizer or a main dish. The collard greens need a quick blanch and they are easily used as wraps. If you struggle to use your greens, this is a creative way to get them in your rotation.

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