Spiced and roasted acorn squash whipped with white beans or chickpeas makes the perfect healthy dip. A great game-day snack with zucchini, carrot or sweet pepper spears.
This springy-green soup has the fresh taste of leeks, asparagus and ramps. Serve warm or cold. As you cook with more asparagus this spring and early summer, save the woody, tough asparagus ends in a plastic bag in your freezer to make more asparagus stock for soup! The more ends, the stronger the asparagus flavor.
One question we get a lot is how to use braising greens-- kale, chard, broccoli leaves... anything tough and green seems to stump our membership. Since you'll get them pretty often in your shares, especially in winter, it seemed like a good idea to add a few more tried-and-true recipes to the mix! This recipe is inspired from one in Vegetarian Suppers from Deborah Madison's Kitchen. A terrific book, it also has a lot of vegan options.
This simple side dish can be put together in just a few minutes if you have some cooked beans and cooked squash-- Parker's best practice is to cook everything right away and have it ready to go in the fridge or freezer for a last minute meal! Serves 4.
This delicious pink veggie dip, a variation on a hummus recipe from the Washington Post, is totally vegan and goes great with sliced up veggies as an after-school snack or makes for an easy, make-ahead dish for any Summer party.
Hummus is a great, protein-packed treat with infinite varieties. In this version, we added in cooked beets for a burst of beautiful color.

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