This super sweet and crunchy fresh slaw is studded with sweet corn kernels as well as the traditional cabbage and carrot combination. Another update-- a lightened up dressing made with yogurt instead of mayonnaise.
Melon and Basil-- a match made in heaven. Slice you melon in half, seed, and then remove the outer rind. Cube, and then pop into the Vitamix with yogurt, basil, a pinch of sweet and salty, and then freeze! If you need popsicle molds, highly recommend the brand Zoku.
When peaches hit their moment in the spotlight-- end of July, early August-- jump and eat them with everything. In case you have a few in your fridge that have too many soft spots, the perfect solution is to make some rich and creamy peach ice cream. Ice cream base inspired by Jeni's.
Quick Pickles can be ready in under an hour and a half and keep for a few days to a week in the fridge. Great for a last minute side dish or stacked on homemade burgers. Inspired by a recipe from Chow Divine.

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