Classic tomato sauce and pasta from our 2017 Italian Home Cooking Class. Parker promises that "after a couple of times and a little organization, you will be able to produce this dish start to finish in 20 minutes to one half hour." A helpful tool-- a food mill for turning your tomatoes and garlic into a finished sauce with a little personality.
From one of our Akron customers who is an excellent cook and always sends us great ideas! This recipe will make 2/3 servings, and uses one full bunch of scapes. Inspired by a recipe from foodrepublick.com.
These meatballs get their fun color from a hefty dose of minced spinach or kale worked into the meat. Serve with red sauce and pasta, veggie noodles, or on top of a bed of sautéed greens for a super healthy and kiddo-friendly dinner.
This recipe is a veggie-based "kitchen sink" kind of recipe: we had some leftover roasted cubes of butternut squash, about a half bunch of kale, some pesto in the freezer made over the summer and a few parsnips in the fridge. It was delicious-- we each got seconds! If you don't have one or another ingredient, that's fine, just sub what you have-- cooked beans, spiralized carrots, cooked sweet potato cubes, etc. A healthy and easy dinner to feed a bunch of (or maybe just two) hungry people.
Make your own savory ragù or bolognese sauce at home-- this recipe happens in a few steps over a few hours, and is actually better reheated the next day. We used a food mill when making the tomato sauce-- a really useful and not too expensive kitchen toy that we highly recommend having around for sauces and soups.
Broccoli leaves and delicious and and amazing source of Vitamin A, and are as easily (and deliciously!) cooked as any other tough green, like Kale or Collards. Simply remove the sturdy middle rib, slice up and sauté. Or use in a smoothie, or a casserole, or quiche... just don't throw them away or you'll be missing out. Add in the florets for a double serving of the good stuff!

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