Spelt berries-- a high-protein whole grain--provide the base for this delicious lunch salad. Add a simple dressing, some blanched greens, and some fun toppings (steamed eggs, cheese, nuts, chicken, veggies) and enjoy!
We have had a wonderful crop of broccoli so far in the early Summer of 2015, so the other night we came up with this recipe to bring together one of the best pairings- smoked cheddar cheese and bright green broccoli. We also added some spelt berries and some Italian sausage, but the dish can easily be made meatless, too.
Patty Pan squash is one of my favorites. It’s very flavorful, easy to cook with, and we get a ton of them come Summer. This recipe takes advantage of its bowl-like shape, and the stuffing can be made with whatever you have on hand or have a tasting for. You also can use Zucchini instead of Patty Pan, just follow the same recipe and make long Zucchini Boats (cut in half and scoop out most of the flesh from the middle), steam, and stuff.
Gallo Pinto ("Painted Rooster" in Spanish) is the traditional Costa Rican breakfast. We swapped cooked Spelt Berries for the rice, and used Worcestershire Sauce instead of the standard Lizano sauce (for the real thing, try a speciality grocery store, like La Plaza in Lakewood, or make your own.)
This is a recipe from the New York Times that a customer shared with me. She made it last week and says it is delicious. Since we are talking risotto, Risotto is traditionally made with arborio rice. However, I like to make my "risotto" dishes with spelt berries, wheat berries, and the like. You get the benefit of a whole grain, the texture is firmer and the flavor is nuttier and earthier than you would get from any rice. I was surprised to see from April's Bon Appétit, that chefs agree with me. The thing to remember is that arborio rice releases lots of creamy starches. Whole grains like spelt will too, but you might need to add some cream or milk to get the right creamy texture. They also take longer to cook. Experiment with this recipe and tell us how it turns out!

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