This super sweet and crunchy fresh slaw is studded with sweet corn kernels as well as the traditional cabbage and carrot combination. Another update-- a lightened up dressing made with yogurt instead of mayonnaise.
The bright yellow color, complex flavor and smooth texture will have your diners guessing "what's in this soup!?" It's entirely vegetarian--roasted veggies, soaked sunflower seeds and spices--and can be made vegan with a sub for the garnish of cream at the end. Serve with some sliced cherry tomatoes and extra sunflower seeds on top.
These Tex-Mex inspired stuffed Squash can be filled with whatever you have on hand: beans, corn, tomatoes, cheese, etc. Use meat in the first step, or skip entirely for a vegetarian version. For a garnish, add sour cream, minced candied jalapeños or chopped cilantro.
Jar Salads are an excellent (and cool!) way to prepare a healthy lunch for work or school. The trick is in the layering-- if you're preparing more than a few days ahead, save the dressing to be put on in the morning before you leave the house. This recipe fills a quart sized glass, which is enough for an entrée sized salad or a light lunch for two.

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