To order a last minute turkey, call 800-861-8582.

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering of family of friends to celebrate.  In Ohio, our rich farmland has given us a bounty of local goods.  At Fresh Fork Market, we think of Thanksgiving as the time to feast on all the richness that Ohio has to offer.  We work all year toward this holiday.  We start early by meeting with our farmers to plan out production.  To achieve the healthiest turkeys, we must establish good organic pastures where they can access to natural sunlight, lush grasses and the insects and grubs that they would naturally eat.  Like our chickens, this creates a rich flavor and a juicy bird.  To supplement their forage, we need to find a good non GMO based food to make our birds grow healthy and strong.  We are thinking about our turkeys when the first seeds of the season go into the ground.  All this work culminates with tasty, healthy turkeys that will be the star of your holiday feast.  Our birds are processed the week of Thanksgiving and are delivered fresh, never frozen.

Fresh Fork Market offers turkeys, pies, as well as three “bundles” that give you all the fixings.  Reserve your package today with just a $25 deposit.

To make the most out of all your holiday goods, check out our Thanksgiving guide.  We introduced it at our Thanksgiving Beer Dinner, and filled it with all the tips and tricks that you will need to fix a fabulous feast.  Not to mention all those tasty side dishes made from the produce in your packages.

Thanksgiving Beer Dinner and Cooking Class

Here’s whats in the packages:  Thanksgiving Guide 2013


To order a last minute turkey, call 800-861-8582.

The  schedule for Thanksgiving week is as follows:


For addresses of each location, please check this link:  Winter Pickup Locations  Please ignore the times and days at the link above.  That is for our winter season.  Thanksgiving, being a short week, has a different schedule.  That schedule is below.

Tuesday 3 – 6pm:  Beachwood, Westlake, Solon

Tuesday 7 – 9pm:  Cleveland Hts, Lakewood, Hudson

Wednesday 12 noon – 2 pm: Middleburg Hts, Brecksville, Copley, Mentor

Wednesday 12 noon – 4pm: Tremont

Wednesday after 2pm: Grovewood Tavern-this is a drop off location only, there will be no truck.

Turkey4Our most popular bird is the Broad Breasted White.  This is the turkey that is most commonly found on America’s tables.  It was bred to provide more breast meat.  Unlike the conventional birds that you find in the grocery, ours are fresh, not frozen.  They are raised according our exacting quality standards.  This means our birds are simply better for you.

In addition to our standard turkeys, Fresh Fork Market is offering authentic heritage breeds this year.    Heritage breeds are not bred for more white meat, so they are more naturally proportioned.  They have more dark meat, as a bird naturally would.  These birds are succulent and juicy, and have a more richly flavored meat.  The texture is a little different DSC_0125from a conventional turkey.  Like our regular turkeys, the heritage breeds are free to roam, eat a diet high in protein, and live their lives outside in fresh air.  Those who went on the farm tour were granted a chance to see some of these birds on the farm.  Some of them are raised in the cornfield, naturally fertilizing the land, while having a chance to dart in and out of the corn and eat the lower leaves.

The heritage breeds we are working with this year are:  American Bronze Standard, Bourbon Red (also known as Kentucky Red), and Blue Slate.

Our heritage breeds will be slightly higher than our traditional Broad Breasted White birds.  The cost on these turkeys will be $4.50 per pound.  When placing an order for one of these birds, you will need to pay a deposit and the balance will be due at pick up and will be based on the size of the birds when they come in.

To order a last minute turkey, call 800-861-8582.