Winter Share 2011/12 – Week 2

By Old Fresh Fork | November 8, 2011

Whole chicken, Chorizo, Sweet Potatoes, Lettuce and more It’s time for our second winter CSA package.  It IS this week.  The schedule is a little goofy at first to get us on schedule for the holidays.  We have a pickup this week, then off next week, then special delivery times the week of Thanksgiving (we’ll…

Winter Share 2011/12 – Week 1

By Old Fresh Fork | November 2, 2011

For the first week of the winter CSA package we have have truly a showcase product – a beautiful, well marbled Berkshire Boston Butt Roast (bone-in, shoulder roast).  This tasty roast is between 5 and 6 lbs and great for shredded pork, a crock pot meal, to use in the smoker, or even to make…

Winter Share 2011-12 CSA Package

By Old Fresh Fork | October 16, 2011

The Summer CSA was again a huge success. Our producers stepped up to the plate to help accommodate more customers, offer a better selection, and more new products. They did just that. I’m still working on tallying up the number of different products, number of producers, and dollars spent with local farmers, but it is…

Winter Share 2010/11 – Week 7

By Old Fresh Fork | December 16, 2010

Package Contents: ‐ 1 lb ground veal ‐ 1 lb ground pork ‐ 1 lb ground Italian sausage ‐ 5 lb red norland potatoes ‐ ½ lb young green onions ‐ 1 lb black pepper basil linguini ‐ 1 pint sweet sorghum ‐ 2 lb cornmeal ‐ 1 dozen eggs ‐ 1 package honey puffed…

Winter Share 2010/11 – Week 6

By Old Fresh Fork | December 9, 2010

Package Contents: – 1 roasting chicken – 3 lbs sweet potatoes – 1 head green cabbage or napa cabbage – 1 lb smoked bacon – 3‐4 lbs winter squash – Quarter peck gold rush apples – Meat smorgasbord…pick 1: o Pork spareribs o Pork baby‐back ribs o Boneless pork chops (2) o Pork shoulder o…

Winter Share 2010-11 – Week 3

By Old Fresh Fork | November 20, 2010

CSA Package Contents: – 2 lbs salted butter – 1 lb Berkshire breakfast sausage links – 1 lb carrots – 1 lb broccoli sprouts or brussel sprouts – 1 dozen eggs – 8 oz grassfed Windsor cheese, cheddar style – 1 lb grassfed ground beef – 1 lb spinach – 4 lbs organic whole wheat…

Winter Share 2010/11- Week 2

By Old Fresh Fork | November 13, 2010

Package Contents: – 1 whole pasture raised chicken – 1 lb Berkshire pork bacon – 1 lb pumpkin sage linguini – 8 oz gouda cheese – 1 head green cauliflower – 1 bunch red beets with tops – 1 stalk brussel sprouts – 2 green bell peppers – 2 lbs fingerling potatoes – 2 lbs…

Winter Share 2010 – Week 1

By Old Fresh Fork | November 6, 2010

Package Contents: – 1 head Jumbo White‐stem bok choy – 1 head cheddar cauliflower – 2 ct huba‐hubba squash – 1 buttercup squash – 1 red cabbage – 1 dozen eggs – 1 half gallon milk – Quarter‐peck empire apples – 1 sweet potato cheesecake – Pork Combo:  choose one o Boston Butt o 3 pks…

Winter Share 2010/11- Week 5

By Old Fresh Fork | November 2, 2010

Package Contents: – 1 whole spent hen – 2 packs Mrs Miller wide egg noodles – 1 mini‐wheel brie – 1 half pint pepper butter – 1 lb grassfed ground beef – 1 lb pork sausage links – 2 lbs green tomatoes – 1 stalk brussel sprouts – 1 lb organic granola – 1 lb…

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Trevor-- Found and CEO of Fresh Fork Market-- eats, breathes and sleeps local food. All that time on the road, down in Amish Country, in the warehouse and at the stops has given plenty of stories to share. Click here for a passenger's seat view into Trevor's days.


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